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Explore NPLB's principles, positions and plans to make medicines affordable for all Americans, encourage innovation and ensure patients are heard.

An NPLB Animation: Inventing new medicines is a long climb

Who creates new medicines? Publicly funded research creates the necessary "base camp" knowledge, but it takes teams of innovators working with the support of private funding to reach risky new summits and provide patients with new cures.

An NPLB Animation: The Value of Medicines

Medicines help us feel better, but there are so many other things that make medicines valuable. Learn about the many benefits of medicines and the ways that insurers overlook their value to all of us.

An NPLB Video: What is Abbie Saving for?

High health plan copays are harming American families. Even with “insurance," one in four cannot afford them. If a doctor prescribes a treatment and the insurer authorizes it, the copay should be     affordable. Stay up to date on the fight for insurance reforms @nplb_org

An NPLB Animation: Fighting for Affordable Medicines & Encouraging Innovation

This is how the system currently works – or doesn’t work for too many people.

Scientists create a powerful new medicine in the lab. The FDA approves it. Your doctor prescribes it to treat a condition that’s been causing you pain for years. But your insurance company decides it knows better, and denies you the drug. Or allows it but only if you pay a high copay to meet your even higher annual deductible.

No Patient Left Behind, a new nonprofit, is dedicated to making medicines affordable for all Americans – while encouraging the innovation that makes those medicines possible.

Please join us in our efforts, www.nopatientleftbehind.org

The Investor's Paradox

Drug development is costly. Who takes the risk and funds the hope of new medicines? Investors do.

How do they know which ones will work? They often don't, but they invest in a portfolio of risks so around 1 in 10 drugs have a shot at being approved by the FDA.

While many fail, the ones that do succeed make a huge difference in the lives of patients and their loved ones. Even better, reimbursement from today’s drugs is reinvested to fund research for tomorrow’s cures.

Wondering why arbitrary price controls will harm drug innovation?
Watch this video and it will make sense.