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Lawmakers Urged to Support Biopharma Innovation and Affordability

Pass reforms to lower out-of-pocket costs. Caution! Price controls could cease biopharma investment

NPLB Gets Animated: Roadmap to Patient Affordability and Innovation

Animation: Insurance Reform Needed to Cover Prescribed Medicines at Low Cost

When Simpler isn't Better

A case for generalizing cost-effectiveness math to avoid undervaluing medicines

CMS Rule to Lower Maximum Out-of-Pocket Costs by $400 Will Help Patients, More Reductions Needed

NPLB welcomed key provisions in CMS Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2022 Final Rule

NPLB Applauds Growing Momentum for Insurance Reforms that Lower Out-of-Pocket Costs for Patients

Prioritizing reforms such as drug pricing and access that help patients is essential.

Patient Out-of-Pocket Costs Continue to Climb While Insurers are Covering Fewer Drugs

Despite Reductions in Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Net Drug Prices

NPLB Applauds President’s Expansion of Affordable Healthcare

More Americans Helped, More Still to be Done

How To Kill The Conversation That Makes Innovation Possible

A short analysis

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