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Peter Kolchinsky

Peter Kolchinsky

Steering committee

Founder of NPLB. Founder and Managing Director, RA Capital Management

Peter Kolchinsky is a father, scientist, investor, teacher, and author. He researched HIV at Harvard, where he earned his PhD, and then co-founded RA Capital Management, a Boston-based life-sciences investment firm focused on funding and creating companies developing new medicines. Hearing the stories of how patients couldn’t afford the treatments they needed, he wrote The Great American Drug Deal, which makes the case for the reforms that No Patient Left Behind fights for.

He’s spoken with policymakers, students, and drug and insurance companies on the importance of lowering out-of-pocket costs to achieve affordability and requiring that all drugs go generic without undue delay to ensure they offer America value for what it invests in branded medicines. Peter continues to manage RA Capital with the goal of fulfilling the hopes of patients still waiting for their cures and supports No Patient Left Behind so those new medicines will be accessible to all the patients they’re meant for. Peter also actively discusses science and healthcare reform on Twitter @PeterKolchinsky. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two children.

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