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Jessica Sagers

Jessica Sagers

Steering committee

Head of Engagement, RA Capital Management

Jessica Sagers is a scientist, investor, and writer passionate about leveling our society's unequal playing fields. After growing up in the Utah mountains, she received her PhD from Harvard University where she championed the causes of women in STEM as President of Harvard Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (HGWISE) and conducted NIH-funded research on hearing loss.

At RA Capital Management, Jessica created and holds the role of Head of Engagement, blending her skills as a scientist, investor, and communicator to make difficult ideas understandable. She often writes and speaks on how science, policy, insurance, and capital can complement one another in a biomedical ecosystem that invents new medicines and makes them affordable to all patients who need them. Her research has been published in many peer-reviewed journals and her opinions have been featured in outlets including Science, Nature, STAT News, Timmerman Report, and RealClearHealth.

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Life Science Builders agree that society's payments for branded drugs must be a finite mortgage, oppose the rent extraction that is on the rise in the drug industry today, and stand with us in calling on Congress to pass Contractual Genericization.

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