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I have insurance

I need help paying my premiums

You can:


Apply for a premium tax credit if you bought your insurance on the federal Health Insurance Marketplace.


Buy your insurance directly from an insurance provider or broker. Compare plans at eHealthInsurance, HealthMarkets, or HealthPocket.


Buy insurance through a trade group, professional association, or an alumni group. The National Association for the Self Employed, Alliance for Affordable Services, and your local chamber of commerce can help if you’re self-employed.


Contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA).


Search the Patient Advocate Foundation’s National Financial Resource Directory for help paying insurance premiums.


Visit Patient Services Incorporated to research assistance programs.

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Did you know?

Increasing out-of-pocket costs by just $10 per prescription causes a 33% rise in mortality because fewer patients take the drugs their doctors prescribe.

Source: National Bureau of Economic Research, involved