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Media mentions of NPLB & our board of directors

Ensuring Medicare Rx Price Negotiations Help Patients

Rx market savings are not reflected in CEAs and plans are not passing savings on to patients

The Importance of Accurately Measuring the Value of New Medications

Including factors, such as dynamic pricing, helps assess medication value better th

The Value of Care: Q&A With Peter Rubin, Executive Director at No Patient Left Behind

Rubin speaks about how drugs aren’t being properly valued.

Report stresses value of innovative medicines to patients and society

critical flaws in a key metric used to determine whether to cover prescribed treatments

New cost-effectiveness model aims to better capture value of medicines to society

updated methodology accounts for disease severity, loss of market exclusivity, and social value

Drugs extending my life, but Boston institute disagrees

I'm fighting ALS-and the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER)

Drug Company Leaders Condemn Ruling Invalidating F.D.A.’s Approval of Abortion Pill

400+ executives said that the decision ignored both scientific and legal precedent.

Biotech leaders call on peers to lobby for IRA change

Letter calls nine-year price-setting threshold a threat to entire industry

Boston Business Journal: How the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) already is changing how biotechs do business

Fear that IRA will disincentivize the development of small-molecule drugs

The impact on cost-effectiveness of accounting for generic drug pricing: Four case studies

Accounting for generic pricing is crucial to improving health technology assessment validity.

Misguided Rating Cancels Rare Disease Patients

Flawed math harms patients and society.

Biopharma industry mobilizing support for Ukraine

How you can help Ukraine, a well-researched plan: Direct Relief

Op-ed: For Two Years, Australia Failed People With Cystic Fibrosis; It Can’t Happen Again

Their delay has been thanks to bad math that rounds patients down.

Op-ed: Fix BBB’s Rx Provisions so Patients Aren’t Stuck With High Bills and More Needles

Congress can achieve Rx affordability and innovation with achievable BBB modifications

KOLs call for updated Build Back Better to level playing field

Call for same timeline for biologics, small molecules, and lower out-of-pocket costs.

Do Cost-Effectiveness Analyses Account for Drug Genericization?

New research finds only 5% of published CEAs include assumptions about future genericization

Drug pricing bill’s unintended consequences will distort drug development

Bill can be fixed with modest tweaks

An Investor's Perspective on Reconciliation Drug Price Setting Negotiations

Govt. price setting will skew investor funding decisions and will not solve patient affordability

The Right Prescription for Affordable Drugs

Time for Congress to enact reforms that cap Medicare Part D beneficiaries out-of-pocket costs.

Congress is about to legislate a future without new medicines. We have a better plan.

Cutting investment into new medicines turns out to be no way to save.

BIOCENTURY: Investors, biopharma companies sound alarms on drug pricing legislation

"small biotechs that rely on venture capital...will disappear."

BIOCENTURY: Congress relying on flawed model to set drug pricing policy


Aducanumab & the Alzheimer's Moonshot

What would it be worth to keep your mind?

A Glimpse into a Price-Controlled Future

What would it look like if some of the H.R. 3 bill's provisions were enacted?

Booker-Sanders-Harris drug affordability bureau could be brilliant

Or, it could completely collapse our industry

Insurance Reform, Not Executive Orders, is the Best Tool to Protect US Patients

The President's executive orders do nothing to lower out-of-pocket costs

Patients will be the losers as Pelosi's plan to control drug prices nearly strikes out

Two strikes and a home run

A quantum of innovation and the incentives to match

What's the smallest increment of medical innovation that is worth its cost to society?

If Trikafta Isn't Good Enough for ICER, What Drug Is?

A life-changing drug for cystic fibrosis patients is deemed "not worth it

We need a Public Domain Day to highlight when drugs go off patent

Let's celebrate when drug patents expire

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