Our mission is to make medicines affordable for everyone in America

We are dedicated to creating and maintaining patient access to affordable drugs by holding both insurance and drug companies accountable for their policies and practices.

Our strategy

We’re fighting to eliminate out-of-pocket costs for patients, extend insurance to everyone in America, and ensure that all drugs go generic without undue delay.

  • Raise awareness of the problem
  • Help patients now
  • Solve the problem at its root: advocate for healthcare reform
  • Build a coalition in support of our reforms
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Our why

We want to make sure everyone gets the medicines they need at prices they can afford. We share your anger over anyone having to choose between going broke or going without.

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Value of medicines

The real value of medicines reverberates. A drug that’s good for an individual is good for society. All of us benefit when each of us stays healthy – even before taking herd immunity and other specific health benefits into consideration.

Health economists often get this valuation wrong. They’re too focused on math that makes dollars the main determinate while ignoring how essential the ongoing development of new drugs is for all of us, as individuals and as a society.

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Affordability and Innovation

We are championing new laws to get insurance companies to do away with copays and out-of-pocket expenses.

We are pushing for reforms to guarantee that drug companies let their drugs go generic when they're supposed to do so.

Who we are

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