Our strategy

We’re fighting to eliminate out-of-pocket costs for patients, extend insurance to everyone in America, and ensure that all drugs go generic without undue delay.

Raise awareness

Patients aren’t getting proper treatment. Everyone needs to know.

Our team of journalists is telling the stories of patients left behind by America’s healthcare system. We also draw attention to the problem of drugs that fail to go generic on time, costing America more and eliminating the incentive that drives the industry to innovate.

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Help patients now

Help today’s patients access proper treatments while advocating for reforms to the whole system. If you or someone you know is struggling to afford a treatment that your doctor says is right for you, we may be able to help:

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Connect to resources

Foundations, charities, drug company patient assistance programs, and HarborPath.

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Get Media Attention

Get media attention

If you are battling your insurance company, our journalists might be able to draw attention to your case.

Share your story
Fight with your Plan

Fight back

Strategies to get you past your insurer's “No.” We show you how.

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Harbor Path

Harbor Path

The non-profit Harbor Path offers free medications to uninsured patients without other options. NPLB is helping Harbor Path expand its arsenal of medicines and reach a wider array of people.

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Advocate for healthcare reform

Name-brand drugs are like rent: their costs keep rising. Generics are the equivalent of a mortgage: fixed costs and stability. All drugs need to go generic without undue delay once their patents expire so society can own what we've invested in.

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Engage with lawmakers & healthcare staffers

We're working to win over members of Congress so that they choose our proposal--which will actually help patients--over others that will not.

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Quantify the impact of our proposal

Quantify the impact of our proposal

With help from economists, data providers, and other experts, we're answering key questions such as “How much value does America get when drugs go generic?”

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Build a coalition in support
of our reforms

We’re bringing together representatives from across healthcare to refine our proposal and secure support.

Quantify the impact of our proposal

Physicians (and patients)

may wonder whether out-of-pocket costs will be replaced with more onerous prior authorizations.

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Insurers and employers

need to know what impact our reforms will have on premiums.

Fight with your Plan


need to be able to stoke price competition among drug companies with similar drugs.

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Drug companies

need to know that there will still be incentives for new drugs if old ones are contractually genericized.

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Generics manufacturers

will want to know that there’s still a role for them if drugs increasingly go generic by contract.

We’re building support across the biotech ecosystem

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Help protect access to lifesaving medicines & preserve innovation for those still waiting for a cure.

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