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Hear stories from scientists and entrepreneurs about how their work to tackle diseases is made possible by their communities—including investors, physicians, and everyone who buys insurance.

"...I wanted to share with you, as a neighbor, that our whole community is really involved in this quest to conquer norovirus. Because the money to fund my work comes from biotech funds which, in turn, work for institutional investors that include pension funds.
So there’s a chance that anyone reading this - if they have savings in a pension fund - could be making my work possible. Thank you."

Drug price controls hurt investment in new medicines

Bucks County, Pennsylvania

By: Marcelo E. Bigal
"Right now, I head up a company that is working on medications for Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy and lupus. We’re not the only ones. We’re competing and collaborating with many other companies to roll back the pain and loss these diseases impose on millions. Such diseases are costly to manage, sending patients to hospitals and sometimes nursing homes.
Many in our community work in the health insurance industry, which is vital to allowing us all to afford proper care. They can attest to the fact that, through growing insurance premiums, we all bear the increasing cost of these diseases. Though medicines eventually go generic and become less expensive, hospitals and nursing homes are labor intensive and their costs only rise."

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