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Downtown Boston, from overhead.

Our mission is to make medicine affordable for everyone in America

We are dedicated to creating and maintaining patient access to affordable drugs by holding both insurance and drug companies accountable for their policies and practices. We never want to see another patient go broke, or die, while trying to get better.

Lynda Gorov, Editor
A note from our editor, Lynda Gorov

I am here writing this welcome in part because I once made the head of the department dealing with my medical insurance claim cry. The why or where doesn’t matter right now. Let’s just say I was seriously ill, the bills for a medication I needed to live were seriously confusing, and my toddler standing beside bald, 95-pound me was too much for her to take.

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Our Team

No Patient Left Behind was founded in 2020 by a group of patients, patient advocates, physicians, scientists, policymakers, industry leaders, and biotech investors.

Being backed by one of the most experienced biotechnology investment teams in the world gives us the means to make reforms that will make a difference. Read more

Established 2020
Team Members 13
Location Boston

Our partner organizations

We’re building support across the industry

These Life Science Builders agree that society's payments for branded drugs must be a finite mortgage, oppose the rent extraction that is on the rise in the drug industry today, and stand with No Patient Left Behind in calling on Congress to pass Contractual Genericization.

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